Microsoft's Ultimate Advertising Partner -- the earth

NOTE: Not being a Microsof company employee or affiliated with or shortened by Microsof company -- I can only speculate (and have no proof) about the origin of the new color schemes.

The software giant has packaged the world famous os and office suite in harmony with the colors you and I see everyday in the sky. Even though Windows Windows vista and Office 2007 just came out, I believe that you have seen the new colors Many times before and Microsof company could be banking on this.

Windows Windows vista Colors

This color scheme is related to the evening time. About thirty minutes before all the sunlight is gone from the sky, look to the western side and you will see the new famous blues and greens used in the new famous Windows vista background. If you are unsure what After all go to the Windows vista section of Microsoft's site and notice the background color scheme.

Vista's product boxes are themed to match familiar colors as well. Windows vista Ultimate is black with radiation of light -- like the silent celestial body great onto Earth. Windows vista Home Premium and Home Basic contain green colors similar to those of plants. Windows vista Business is blue like the sea.

Office 2007 Colors

This color scheme is related to the morning time. The bright orange and yellows are identical to the colors of the sky as the sun is rising in the east. If you look at the new Office 2007 product boxes you can also notice a very bright spot with outward extending radiation behind a cubicle logo -- this is very similar to a great sun.

Microsof company Color Scheme Meeting

Maybe the meeting went like this "Billboards cost a lot and internet banner ads can be pricey -- lets use the sky to broadcast our message to every individual on earth twice a day! What is that worth in terms of advertising dollars? inch pelan takaful terbaik

Coincidence or Evil Genius?

You don't create a thousand dollar company by choosing random colors. Are the new color schemes the work of a talented team of graphic designers Or a talented team of psychologists?

Microsof company knows we all see the same colors in the sky (whether you are in Bangkok or New York) and Microsof company knows very well that the more times you see a product (or its identifying colors) a lot more likely you are to buy it when you find it in shops -- this is the basis for advertising.

Will it be that Microsof company has themed its products using the sky to promote its product to every individual on earth? We will never know the truth reason for the option of colors, in case your color schemes were created in how that we am suggesting -- GOOD JOB MICROSOF COMPANY! If it was not -- Well, I really do like the new colors Bill!

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